Embrace the natural and bring elements of the earth into your home

Posted on September 01, 2017 by Judith Archer

If you’re a regular to our blog, you’ll know we’ve previously written about some top interior design trends for 2017. If you haven’t seen it, take a look here
One of the key ideas we talk about is the use of softer, and more muted colours in your living space. Now it’s time to take it a step further, embrace all things soft and natural, and bring the outside in to create a beautiful, calming, home environment.
We understand that bold and bright colours can look great in the home, but they can also be overpowering and difficult to style at times. Soft pinks, beiges, and pastel tones on the walls, or in your soft furnishings, can help to create a light and open space that can be easily adapted to changing trends.
Incorporating natural tones in your accessories could also add a pop of colour without going over the top. Think earthy oranges to capture natural rock and desert hues, multiple shades of green to bring the nature of the forest in to your home, and tranquil blues and grey tones to reflect calming waters or stormy skies. Whether represented in your prints and fabrics, or the accessories you use, these colour schemes are sure to create a beautifully natural home.
When looking to make the most of a natural home interior, the furniture materials you use could make a big difference. Natural-looking woods work brilliantly against muted colour schemes, and can offer the perfect, natural, finish to your interior, so you should definitely keep this in mind when picking pieces like your sofa, bookshelves, and coffee tables. 
Archer and Company specialise in creating beautiful, and sustainable, sofas and armchairs for your home. We offer a core range of products we love, but are also dedicated to producing bespoke pieces based on your individual needs. For further information about the products we sell, or to enquire about a bespoke piece of furniture, contact the team today.

Style, comfort, and sustainability: hygge all year round!

Posted on July 30, 2017 by Judith Archer

The Scandinavian idea of 'hygge' seems to be everywhere at the moment, and we can see why. Hygge is often defined in terms of warm home comforts, and can be used to describe food, music, and good company. We like to think of it as simply revelling in life itself. Naturally, interior design and furniture play a huge role in creating hygge in the home. 

Create a talking point for your home with a luxurious bespoke sofa, made to measure in Bristol. How about a bespoke corner sofa that fits just right, creating the perfect hugging space in your living room?

Nor does it need to be cold to enjoy hygge. Here at Archer + Co, comfort means being cuddled by your environment, whether chilling with an iced drink in the height of summer or keeping snug as the nights draw in and Autumn leaves start to fall.

Summer heatwaves are on the rise in the UK; every month seems to be the hottest on record. Brits, who aren't used to these soaring temperatures are increasingly taking siestas during the hottest part of the day. Half an hour after lunch is ideal, and a comfortable designer sofa could be the perfect place.

If you love letting the summer sun into your home or are seeking the perfect sofa for your conservatory, choose linen, cotton, or cool synthetics that you can warm up with winter blankets.

We offer a huge range of fabrics including organic cotton, 100% natural textiles, and recycled fibres so luscious you will hardly believe they are recycled.

Getting it exactly right isn't just about finding the perfect look, though. We produce sustainable, high-quality designer furniture as standard, but we also offer additional 'eco specifications' on request. 

Let Archer + Co help you get it just right: call us today and begin planning the perfect sofa for your home!

Eco-friendly homes don't end at energy efficiency

Posted on July 10, 2017 by Judith Archer

Sustainability is the watchword when it comes to designing homes in the 21st Century - and most homes built today boast excellent insulation and energy-saving innovations to keep as much fossil fuel in the ground as possible.

It's far from the only way to ensure that your home is eco-friendly, however, because locally sourced materials which have a low environmental impact can also be used elsewhere in your house.

The key things to think about in terms of keeping your interior design eco-friendly are where your materials have come from, and what impact they have had. For instance, a reclaimed wooden kitchen counter made by a local craftsman will have a much smaller carbon footprint than one manufactured halfway around the world from an unsustainable source of wood.

And with so many options available in the UK today, it doesn't have to be tricky. High-street brands and small independent designers alike are waking up to the fact that consumers' priorities have shifted. 

Reclaimed materials are a great way to keep things sustainable, but buying new can be eco-friendly too. Look for producers who use materials which are sourced locally and for natural materials which are easy to recycle or which break down naturally.

From environmentally friendly dye in our pillows, towels and soft-furnishings to wooden furniture created from local, sustainable sources, there are now umpteen ways to keep your interior design as eco-friendly as your house is.

If you're looking for a sofa with great eco-credentials, Archer + Co offer bespoke corner sofas and much more made from FSC certified timber in a range of British-made fabrics. It's not all about the environment, however, as at Archer + Co, we also offer beautiful design. Chief designer Ian Archer has previously designed beautiful sofas and armchairs for Ercol, John Lewis and other big names. Browse our website today.

Mistakes to avoid when buying a sofa

Posted on May 23, 2017 by Judith Archer

Buying a sofa is a major purchase, and you want to make sure that you are making the right choices. Here are some of the common mistakes that people make when choosing a sofa, to help you avoid falling into the same traps.


Measure twice, buy once. It may sound obvious, but you need to think not only about the physical size of the sofa but moving around it, and how much clear space you need to leave. Although pre-made sofas are usually built to seat two or three, if you are looking for something different or if you are looking to put a sofa into an unusually shaped space, then you may want to look at the option of having a bespoke sofa designed.

Try it out

Not all furniture works for all body shapes. If you're particularly tall or short, then you may find that standard sizing is uncomfortable for you, or that you struggle to get up again from a deep-seated sofa. Make sure that you spend some time sitting on the sofa, and if you enjoy a nap then lie down too. This sofa needs to work with your life, otherwise you will regret your purchase.

Style and fabric

This is perhaps the biggest choice you can make, and you'll need to strike a balance between something contemporary but with a style that will last. At Archer & Co, we pride ourselves on getting this balance right, using design-led textiles over designs that incorporate traditional details. Our furniture is built to last, not just in terms of quality but also in terms of fashion.

Buying a sofa is a big investment and it's something that you need to get right first time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help create a bespoke sofa that is perfect for you.

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4 reasons to buy a bespoke sofa for your home

Posted on April 28, 2017 by Judith Archer


bespoke sofa
If you've been searching for the perfect sofa for your home and have not yet had any luck finding it, perhaps it's time to consider buying a bespoke sofa? Here are four key reasons why a bespoke sofa could be the perfect solution for you. 

1. Size

One popular reason why people choose to go down the bespoke furniture route is due to size issues. If you have an unusual shaped room, an awkward corner, or want a sofa size that isn't standard, then having a bespoke sofa made to suit your exact needs is the perfect solution.

2. Colour

When you choose to have a bespoke sofa made, it can be tailored to all your requirements. Not only in terms of size and style, but also in colour – you don't have to be limited by what's available in stock, as you would when buying from other seating companies. So if you want to match fabrics or colours already in your interior design scheme, it's no problem. 

3. Style 

Ordering a bespoke sofa also means the style of it can cater for your needs too. You're not limited to what a certain piece of furniture looks like and can have it designed to match your room and interior style. For example, if you love contemporary furniture and already have a collection of other pieces, you could have your sofa made in a style that compliments or matches your existing furniture. Or if you're fond of a particular traditional style, it could be made to reflect that also. 

4. Environmentally friendly

Finally, when you order a bespoke sofa from Archer + Co, you get the added bonus of knowing that your furniture will be environmentally friendly. It will be made from FSC certified timber, upholstered in natural British-made fabrics and natural latex will be used for padding, instead of synthetic fibres. 

Buying bespoke really can be the answer to your furniture buying woes, so why not contact Archer + Co to see how they can help you?

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Milan 2017

Posted on April 27, 2017 by Judith Archer

Saloni di mobile
FABRICS - colour

Colours - greens - from muted olive(Twills) to rich deep tones ( Moooi) , ink & 'Royal or electric blue', monochrome, tone on tone - rose & red, powder blue and teals. ALSO metallic tones in velvet, copper bronze gold (Walter Knoll)and even silver (Comforty)
Soft pastels at the more lux end eg. 'Sé, Diesel, Moroso, Poltrana Frau

FABRICS - quality
Lots of velvets; combinations of textured weaves - and velvets; dimensional fabrics - quilting & ribbed still have traction
Jumbo knotted and woven constructions
Washed linens on loose cover
Sheepskin all over on accent pieces

FABRICS - pattern
Strong botanical themes.
Geometric - Memphis style prints and weaves. Monochrome, bold primary and pastel examples - Kartel, 
Updated floral - combining geometric with pretty elements - Paola Nirvona
Some strong '70's bold patterns crossing over with Art Deco influences?
Quite a lot of novelty imagery too - giant insects or beetles, photo realistic imagery of architecture or animals 

Metal tones - copper, bronze, brass, gold & silver
Luxurious nubuck in ginger, tans, & greys - Flexform, Baxter
Muted pastel tones on aniline hides at the higher end - particularly green shades.
Walter Knoll, Poltranau Frau, Cassina, Minotti
Very little dark brown evident here - black is back? Works in the monochrome trend direction 
Some embossing and perforated leathers ( Baxter, B&B Italia, Poltrana Frau).

Pillow edge details abound - seats and backs, and whole sofas - becoming deconstructed.
High leg still predominate but more examples - particularly at the higher end, go to the ground
Exposed & external wood or metal frames, around or under upholstery. This could be a detail - Natuzzi, Ercol, Calia, Flexform Fendi, Minotti or complete frames with drop in cushions - Bonaldo, Flexform, Diesel- with an industrial aesthetic. 
Coloured metal details - all the fashion colours, including bronze, copper, brass, gold, rose gold & silver.
Curved sofas and chairs, both subtle refined '30's influenced shapes Fama, Sé, Giorgetti, Mood, Moroso, and bolder, chunkier forms eg. Baxter, Calia, Edra, Caligaris etc
Still lots of buttoning detail, structured, and deconstructed - soft tucks & pulls. 
Buttoning details on complete shapes & even just on cushions
Exaggerated shapes on accent chairs. Very high back, extra wide (rocking chairs), or dramatic taper front to back or asymmetric details.
Multifunctional pieces, flexible by modularity, (Tom Dixon for IKEA), by clever function - ratchet backs and arms ( Cassina, Calia, Edra, Rolf Benz etc)
Or flexible shapes - asymmetric chairs allowing a variety of seating positions, including chaise longe derivatives 
- and of course a whole host of sofa beds - good bad & ugly.....

Probably not the most ground breaking of years, despite much trend forecasting talking of space saving and versatility. This was not particularly evident other than in some novelty pieces, student projects, and the disappointing Dixon/ IKEA collaboration. 

Flexibility and space saving is a great asset but not if it limits the primary function of a design.

Form before function can in itself create an attractive brutal aesthetic, but too often multifunction pieces are not truly that, and also become unattractive.
Their seams a gulf between the high end upholstery manufacturers using the best of all materials, - wood, metal, fabrics & leather, and the 'mass manufacturers' who are stifled by rising manufacturing and raw material costs. Not just in Milan but around most of the shows this year there is much repetition of shape & generic fabrics & mediocre leather.

But there always some gems and they often are found in unexpected places - be it the wonderfully crafted faceted desk by a Polish student (exhibiting with a group of colleges from that country - where were the British colleges by the way??) or the unique & inspiring presentations by Sé in their elegent crumbly corner of Rossana Orlandi, & the luxurious Baxter Cinema, illuminated by the waterfall video cascading down the entrance staircase, and rich in foliage & luxurious leather pieces

4 top interior design trends of 2017

Posted on March 28, 2017 by Judith Archer

4 top interior design trends of 2017

Is it about time you gave your home a makeover? 

This year it’s all about making the most out of each unique room. Gone are the days of having to match furniture throughout the whole house. It’s time to get creative and have fun with mixing the past and present of interior design. 

Let’s take a look at what interior design trends 2017 has to offer:

1. A giant step for furniture

Houses are becoming more and more compact, making it imperative to focus on ways in which we can try to reduce clutter and increase floor space. This is where smaller furniture comes into the equation, as it helps maximise the feel of spaciousness. Say goodbye to that cumbersome sofa that you crammed into your living room and hello to smaller but still as effective contemporary furniture.
cumbersome sofa

2. Soft colours are in

Do you want to be able to relax in your home and not have to come back to a headache of colours? From neutral beige to lush greens, this year is all about bringing the outside in and embracing the colours of the natural world. Along with furniture that is made of solid, natural-looking wood, buy some indoor plants and pepper them around your home to create the ultimate outdoor experience. 
lush greens and natural-looking wood design

3. Solid, finely crafted furniture

Shying away from cheap-and-easy flatpack furniture, consumers are more likely to make a trip to a local independent furniture store to find a piece of solid furniture that is guaranteed to be unique and well made. 
flatpack furniture

4. Dramatic lighting

Your stylish armchair stands proud and majestic in the corner of your living room but something seems to be missing. A quirky lighting fixture will do wonders to heighten the atmosphere of the room. Don’t forget the finer details too: dark and deep hues of furniture can be easily complemented with light and bright lights. Try pairing a deep-velvet, bespoke sofa with a super chic and modern lamp.
super chic and modern lamp

For more contemporary furniture inspiration, browse the Archer and Company collection today.

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