Eco-friendly homes don't end at energy efficiency

Posted on July 10, 2017 by Judith Archer

Sustainability is the watchword when it comes to designing homes in the 21st Century - and most homes built today boast excellent insulation and energy-saving innovations to keep as much fossil fuel in the ground as possible.

It's far from the only way to ensure that your home is eco-friendly, however, because locally sourced materials which have a low environmental impact can also be used elsewhere in your house.

The key things to think about in terms of keeping your interior design eco-friendly are where your materials have come from, and what impact they have had. For instance, a reclaimed wooden kitchen counter made by a local craftsman will have a much smaller carbon footprint than one manufactured halfway around the world from an unsustainable source of wood.

And with so many options available in the UK today, it doesn't have to be tricky. High-street brands and small independent designers alike are waking up to the fact that consumers' priorities have shifted. 

Reclaimed materials are a great way to keep things sustainable, but buying new can be eco-friendly too. Look for producers who use materials which are sourced locally and for natural materials which are easy to recycle or which break down naturally.

From environmentally friendly dye in our pillows, towels and soft-furnishings to wooden furniture created from local, sustainable sources, there are now umpteen ways to keep your interior design as eco-friendly as your house is.

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