Ian's Trends From Stockholm Furniture Fair. - News

Posted on March 01, 2016 by Judith Archer


In both Cologne and Stockholm the 'mid century' and Scandi & Nordic vintage inspired designs were still evident. The love of retro seems to be going on and on, and spreads across all markets.

'Pillow edges' in both very relaxed interpretations, and more formal iterations, were much in evidence. A simple way of adding interest to slim armed models, as well as allowing the opportunity to play with contrast detailing, or stitch details.

Soft curved forms were very popular in Stockholm, combined with buttoning, or mixed with different textures or colours to highlight the different elements of the designs.

The pillow edges and curved forms go hand in hand to illustrate the a general trend to a more 'soft modern'.

Stockholm Furniture Fair

100's of shades of grey, from silver to anthracite, cleverly freshened up this year with more intense 'pastels' , and my favourite - yellows. Yellow was very popular choice for some statement pieces.
bespoke sofas bristol
Green and blue.
So many different shades of blue: powder blue, dusty denim, dark ink, and even very punch Royal blue - very sophisticated - and more palatable when used with a very dark blue/ black.
Greens need to be deep and intense, particularly effective when velvet. There were also some lovely combinations of blue and green. Part of the ' tone on tone' trend, adding interest to the plains that dominate.

bespoke sofas bristol

Pink & Red
Pink as an accent on beautiful chairs, really caught my eye, in Sweden it's often combined with navy - smart and elegant.
There was probably more red around the shows than I've seen for a very long time. Lovely textured weaves combining different tones, really makes some of the minimal Scandi modules much more inviting.
Both the vibrant reds, and the deeper shades were used on velvets.